Dr Julie Beavan-Pearson CPsychol, AFBPsS B.A. (Hons), M.A., D.Clin.Psy Tel- 07805 136269 Email- info@herefordpsychologist.co.uk
Dr Julie Beavan-Pearson CPsychol, AFBPsSB.A. (Hons), M.A., D.Clin.Psy Tel- 07805 136269Email- info@herefordpsychologist.co.uk

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Dr Julie Beavan-Pearson

Chartered Clinical Psychologist





Who sees a psychologist?


Anyone and everybody who finds themselves struggling can see a psychologist. It is often useful to talk to someone about what is troubling you.


When do I need to see a psychologist?


There are many reasons to see a therapist, but the biggest reason is so that you can start to feel better. If your difficulties are beginning to impact on your relationships, work, family or quality of life, now may be a good time to do something about it.


What types of therapy do you use?


I am trained to use a variety of therapis to suit your individual needs.   Therapies include:


1. Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT).

2. Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

3. Commitment focused therapy (CFT)

4. Eye movement and desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR).


What happens when I contact you?


When you telephone or email me, I will ask you a few questions about your current situation and what difficulties you are experiencing. This will enable to me to decide if therapy might help you. If after this discussion I think I can assist you, and you would like to make an appointment, we can arrange this. Your first appointment is then usually 'assessment' sessions where I will listen carefully to your difficulties and ask you further questions. Once the assessment is completed I will discuss my 'formulation' or understanding of your difficulties with you, and we can then together decide on how best to work together. A typical course of therapy lasts between 6-10 sessions.


How do I pay?


If you have private healthcare insurance we would usually bill your insurer directly using the authorisation code they provide you with.

If you are self-funding you can pay either by direct bank transfer or by cash/cheque for in-person appointments.


I am also registered with all major private health insurance companies.



I charge £110.00 per 55 minute appointment.



I am registered as a Chartered Psychologist with The British Psychological Society and the Health Professionals Council.

Websites- www.bps.org.uk (go to link on Find a Psychologist)

& www.hpc-uk.org (go to check the register, then practitioner psychologists No- PYL02426)



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